Art Display Panels

Hull’s Fishing Community was brought to life in a world premiere photography exhibition in an acclaimed collaboration including three Fine Art Trade Guild members. Over 8,000 people visited the Hull History Centre throughout June 2017 to see the striking collection of street life photography taken by Dr Alec Gill MBE, documenting the close-knit Hessle Road community during a time of dramatic social change from 1970 – 1980.

The Hessle Roaders: Hull’s Fishing Community displayed 100 black and white framed A1 photographs, selected from over 6,600 images, taken over a period of thirty years by Hull historian Dr Alec Gill MBE. Exhibited at the Hull History Centre, the collection contributed to the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 ‘Roots and Routes’ season.

As soon as we received the call from Paul Berriff OBE about the installation of the exhibition we knew this was going to be an exciting and very different project. Paul heard about Hang My Art through the Fine Art Trade Guild network, and contacted us seeking advice regarding the installation of the framed photographs. Due to the open plan design of the Hull History Centre arcade, glass walls and high ceilings, no surfaces were suitable for installing onto and it was not possible to install a hanging system. It was clear that their standards and expectations were high and they needed a temporary display structure onto which the framed photographs could be securely installed

Further enquiry into hiring a high quality temporary exhibition display structure for 100 A1 framed photographs was not providing results and, following discussions with Alec and Paul and a consultation at the Hull History Centre, a new project for Hang My Art began: The design and manufacture of a high quality, all white, temporary Art display structure onto which 100 A1 photographs, a combination of landscape, portrait and square, could be securely exhibited.

David Bull, Hang My Art company director and Art Installer, designed a structure and quickly began the process of sourcing materials and components from local manufacturers in West Yorkshire. Six weeks later, a new temporary Art display panel system had been created. The structure consisted of 25 white panels, joined together and supported by a metal framework. The Art display system components were made in Huddersfield throughout May 2017, before being packed and transported to the Hull History Centre to be constructed on site before David could begin the installation of photographs.

It has been an honour to be a part of bringing this exhibition to life, to meet and work with such talented and experienced professionals and for the opportunity to design and produce a bespoke Art display structure. Our thanks and gratitude are also extended to the exhibition installation sponsor Hull University Library.

New Business Award - Finalist 2017

We received the great news last week that we have been shortlisted as a finalist in the New Business Award category in the Art and Framing Industry Awards 2017!

The awards event will be held on 13th May 2017 and it is a great event. We are looking forward to meeting the Artists, framers, suppliers and others working in the UK Art and Framing Industry, enjoying a delicious meal and the Guild Artists exhibition. The framing competition is also impressive, such variety demonstrating inspiring creativity and skill. We can't wait!

David's Top 5 Favourite Works Installed

I am in a very privileged position as an Art Installer as I get to see, touch and study works that most people will never get to. In this post I will share with you some of my favourite works that I have had the pleasure of hanging and a bit of information about the artist and the work itself.

I have spent most of my art installation career working in Melbourne so most of the artists are Australian apart from the obvious one. Most of the pieces are owned by private collectors so the actual pieces I hung either for Hang My Art or Art Cubed are not featured below as the owners of the pieces wouldn't allow me to take photos for fear of losing the rights of the image. Where this is the case I have put images from the series or similar works to give you the feel.

My reasons for choosing the below are based on the WOW factor I felt when hanging the piece, some for the shear scale and some for what they depicted.

I must credit Stephen Robarts of Art Cubed as I would never have had the opportunity to hang or see several of these works if it wasn't for his employment and tutelage.


Artist: Tim Storrier

Title of the artwork: Unknown, Painting from his series of items ablaze in front of a night sky.

Medium: Paint

Rough Size: 2m x 0.9m

Details: Tim Storrier is one of my favourite Australian artists, his works look amazing as prints (which I hung several of) but the original that I hung was breathtaking. The detail and atmosphere he transfers into his paintings make you feel like you are there with him watching the flames. The artwork below is not the image I hung, but similar.


Artist: Jeffrey Smart

Title of the artwork: Unknown, Painting showed a Carlsberg truck on a motorway.

Medium: Painting

Rough Size: 1.2m x 0.7m

Details: Jeffrey Smart is by far and away my favourite artist. His works have a style that I am drawn to and love to study. I had the pleasure of hanging one original in a residential property during my time in Australia, a large number of his originals are in galleries. Below is an image of the zipper in Melbourne that Jeffrey produced that gives you an idea of his style. I have also attached an image of a Smart montage that Stephen and I hung, made up of 10+ prints in custom red frames.


Artist: Franc Hancock

Title of the artwork: Unknown

Medium: Sumi Ink on Paper

Rough Size: 5.5m x 1.2m

Details: This particular art work was by an artist I wasn't familiar with at the time but have since seen more of this work. The scale of the piece was awe inspiring. It travelled around Australia as, at 5.5m long, it had to be mounted onto canvas in Canberra and then onto Melbourne to be stretched. The piece was stretched onto 3 and a half stretcher bars (frames) and then bolted together to make one frame (see pictures below). Sumi ink is a fantastic medium and on such a large scale it created a beautiful visual that looked like ripples in the sand on a beach.


Artist: Picasso

Title of the artwork: La Comedie Humaine

Medium: Lithograph

Rough Size: 0.45 x 0.3m

Details: This is one of the more recent pieces I have had the pleasure to hang. Picasso's La Comedie Humaine is a great example of his work. I found the work really interesting to study and it put a smile on my face. Many people aren't aware that Picasso was a printmaker as what comes to mind when his name is mentioned are his paintings during the cubism movement but he was a talented print maker and during his lifetime experimented with many forms of printmaking.


Artist: Annette Spinks

Title of the artwork: Unknown (private commission I believe)

Medium: Resin on Board, diptych

Rough Size: 2 x 2m x 1.5m

Details: Annette works in a beautiful medium of resin on either canvas or board that gives great texture and mix of colour, it is a hard medium to work in but her works look fantastic. This particular piece was hung opposite a stairwell and, as you can see from the size of the door, it is a large work. The effect it gave and the colour it brought into the room show the skill of the artist. I also had the pleasure of hanging a piece from her wave series.